Saturday Morning Studio Makeover

This past Friday I read a quote in Where Women Create: Book of Organization that inspired me to give my studio a makeover.

“The Room: when you stand in the doorway and look into your very own ‘room’ it takes your breath away, make you feel calm and secure, as if you are returning home, inspire you to create whatever is your passion of the day.”


I have managed to accomplish that perfectly with my office, and I wanted the same effect in my art studio. I can’t say this little makeover fully achieved that, but it was a step in the right direction.

Here is a before photo, complete with a cameo from my oldest daughter, Ariel.



Things I have to be mindful of with this space are; that it is connected directly to my bedroom with an open archway in between, so it has to be clutter-free, organized, and easy to clean up or else I can see it from my bed and it gives me anxiety. Also, we have a one and a half year old running around, so all of the important stuff has to be out of her reach.



I didn’t want to change anything with the layout of the furniture. I love the position of my easel in the corner. It gets good lighting and is positioned perfectly between where I store my supplies and my desk, which I use as a work surface when I’m painting. But I also use my desk for writing half of the time, so I can’t keep many things on it. I usually keep a coaster and lamp on it, but that’s it. And my chair can be used for the desk or easel. Given the limitations mentioned above, I have to keep the trunk for storing supplies and paint colors that I don’t use daily.


The two main things I wanted to accomplish were to repaint the furniture (lately I have found white workspaces to be really refreshing and inspiring) and to de-clutter and reorganize all of my supplies.


This work table was previously our changing table for the baby! We bought it second hand pretty cheap from a friend, and by the time Edie outgrew it, it was falling apart. My current studio space was previously her nursery. When she moved upstairs to share a room with big sister, it just made sense to keep it down here and use it as a paint table. But as I was moving it outside to paint it this weekend, I considered just moving it into storage. I wasn’t convinced it was necessary. I took the drawers out to move it, and suddenly realized it would make a perfect painting storage space, which I have been in need of.



The key to organizing this space was making the supplies I use the most accessible and easy to grab, so I would be more inspired to jump into work throughout the day.

I make weekly trips to the library and like to keep those books in my studio. So, a new addition was this shelf – the wood for which I already had downstairs in our craft supply/music/laundry room (the remodel on that one is coming, but I’m not ready yet).


I keep a vision board that I change each month. The black frame houses my “theme” for the month. My mantra for April is a quote from Coco Chanel: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”


The metal, flower thing is meant to be a decorative place for keeping papers, photos, etc. It was really brightly colored and in my kitchen for the longest time, but while I was painting the furniture I decided to paint it black and relocate it to the studio. The more places to put papers and photos that isn’t my desk or table top – the better. This portion of the wall is similar to my vision board, but more specific to aesthetic inspiration. Right now I only have color swatches up but will be adding texture and other things soon.

Given my love for fashion, I have always found it appropriate that my vanity table lives in my studio. It remained untouched during the makeover. It’s a little messy right now, but otherwise it is perfect.


As soon as I finished I jumped in right away to break it in with a new painting.


No studio space post would be complete without the Virginia Woolf quote:


Hope you enjoyed this walk through my quick studio makeover, and I hope it gave you some ideas for your own work spaces. I would love it if anyone reading this would share pictures of your studio space in the comments!



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