You Only Get Three Minutes to Cry

Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.”

It is good, especially during times of rapid and drastic change, to stop and reflect- remembering the places you’ve been. Every part of them – how they looked, tasted, smelled, and felt. But there is a big difference between a brief sentimental moment, and a full-on u-turn that sends you spiraling backwards.

I have a new rule for myself. Every once in a while when I am reminded of something in the past that I miss or feel unresolved pain over – I allow myself to listen to one, and only one, sad song. Not just any random sad song, but the perfect, heart-wrenching tear factory that fits that particular memory. I listen to it and let my mind go there completely. For around three minutes, I dive so very deeply into that place from my past.

Turn it into art if you feel so inclined….take notes, make a sketch, have a vision.

But then: when the song is over, I stop. Time to set all that aside and put on a different song and get back to my day. No more tears. Those three minutes are all you get.

Places, people, and things we spent our time on before now obviously once mattered to us a great deal, whether we would do it again today or not. Honor that. Pay it homage. Then get back to the life you have right now.



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