Minimalist Accessories

Happy Friday! This is going to be my third and final minimalist beauty post for a little while. This week I’ve been giving a run down of my minimalist beauty and cosmetic collections and routines. I’ve also emphasized that minimizing your beauty habits can save you time, money, and bring you peace.

Today I’m going to focus on my jewelry collection and hair accessories. I used to wear a lot of jewelry. Piling it on carried me through my punk, goth, and bohemian phases in my teens and early twenties. I guess it was when I had my oldest daughter that I really began scaling back. I’m sure other parents reading this can relate. Babies and toddlers love to jerk and pull on earrings and necklaces and bracelets. You’re also washing your hands and cleaning up messes so much more frequently. Which can be uncomfortable if your hands are covered in accessories.

By the time I got ready to purge my jewelry, I had lost or broken a lot of pieces. I realized I had never been very good at keeping up with any of it. It made me sad because I did lose some pieces that were very sentimental to me. I have tried to improve my habits in keeping up with it all, but I’m still not great at it. However, since I’ve weeded my collection down to these handful of items and started keeping them all in one place, I have had much better luck at keeping up with everything. Especially my most beloved pieces, which I will share with you.

Once again, I’m going to bring up one of my favorite books, How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are. This book, and most French style resources, emphasize simplicity and not over-doing it.


Having a fewer number of jewelry items to choose from will help ensure you don’t over-do it on accessories. Unless lots of jewelry is your style! It’s not mine. At least not anymore. Here are some items from my collection….

These are my favorite pieces. The starfish hair pin was a gift from a very talented local artist friend. The pearls were a gift from my husband. They had a matching pair of earrings that my toddler broke. I intend on getting them repaired soon. I got the strawberry necklace as a gift on my 19th birthday! It’s over ten years old!


I got this piece at an arts and craft festival. It was handmade by a local jewelry artist. It was once a necklace, but the chain broke. I love it too much to part with it. I plan to get another chain for it.


This is the necklace I wear almost every day. I bought it from Catbird NYC. They make matches, and this collection of necklaces that have a bronzed match on a chain. It’s very simple but unique. And kind of edgy in a sophisticated way. I love it.


Here’s another favorite of mine that I wear almost every day. This was given to me by some of my best friends on my 30th birthday. I like it for many of the same reasons I like the match necklace above, but this one has added sentimental value since it was a gift. It says “Be the shiniest fucking unicorn in the room.” It’s a power booster with some attitude, but subtle so no one even notices the ‘f’ bomb! I make a point to wear it on days when I have big meetings or presentations to help me feel confident.


Some times I get in the mood to wear a lot of rings. So I have this simple set of silver ones. My friends and I have made it a tradition to get each other friendship necklaces on holidays. The puzzle piece is one of those. I love wearing our friendship jewelry. It makes me feel connected to them, and since most of them don’t live in this city anymore that’s a very comforting and much needed addition to my day.


I keep it simple when it comes to hair. I use headbands when my hair is drying or on my off days. Then of course there are bobby pins and ponytail holders for keeping it out of my face when I need to.


These are another gift from my dear friends! They gave me these at my bachelorette party and they are my go-to dress-up earrings.


More favorites for dressier days. Also all gifts!


Okay, I am realizing now that I only purchased one of the pieces below. Once again, the rest are all gifts!


So obviously sentimental value goes a long way with me when it comes to jewelry!

Same as my beauty products, they all sit in a couple of small boxes on top of my dresser for easy access. I could keep them in one larger box, but I actually really love the little boxes they’re in. And I think I like having two smaller containers rather than one big one.


What about you? Do you buy yourself jewelry? Are your pieces expensive or valuable in other ways? Do you wear a lot at once or keep it simple?

I’d love to hear from you! ~Mai


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