Book Release and Other Exciting New Things!

Hello readers! As you may have noticed I’ve been pretty quiet again lately, which means I’ve been busy as ever working on the launch for my new self-published children’s book that I wrote and illustrated. You can learn more about the book in this older post where I introduced it.

But if you don’t feel like reading the whole post, here’s a short description:

Maeby the Cat_Cover

Maeby is a one-eyed cat who lives outside in a neighborhood overpopulated with feral cats. She often looks through the windows of homes and longs to be one of the cats cozied up safe and warm. But instead she is cold, hungry, sick, and very untrusting of people. One night Maeby stumbles upon a human, and soon both of their lives change in ways they never expected. Based on a true story, this colorful book shows us how cats sometimes adopt us. Adults and children of all ages can learn about feral cats, just like Maeby, that are living in neighborhoods all over the world. And how YOU can help save them.

You can also learn more about our story and what inspired the book by watching this video:

So, now that you know a little more about the book….when can you buy it? Saturday, July 14th! I’ll be launching it with a digital release party that I would love for you to participate in! Find out more on the facebook event page!

Those are all my big shares and announcements for the moment. At least the only ones I can think about right now….there are a lot of things on the horizon that I hope to hint at more soon. Oh wait – one more thing. I do plan on posting major updates to this blog still, but the majority of my posts will now be on my website:
I’d love for you to check out the updated site and subscribe so you can continue following my work and writings!

Enough about me….I could stand to step out of my own head and work for a little bit so I don’t get (more) burnt out. I don’t know if you detected the sleep-deprived tone of this post, ha ha. So PLEASE do me a favor and let me know what you’re working on right now! It could be a home décor project, something you’re writing or painting, or just anything you’re really excited about! Leave a comment with links or whatever else you’d like to share. Can’t wait to see what all of you are up to!



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